Friday, September 15, 2017

Sign Up for My New New Newsletter!

I'm starting a new weekly email newsletter in which I'll write summaries of and my thoughts on the best stuff I've read in the past week. I'll mostly write about nonfiction books, but sometimes I'll include my musings on excellent works of fiction, long-form articles, or even podcasts, YouTube videos, or documentaries. In short, I'll include whatever I find to be so valuable, educational, and life changing that I think everyone should read it immediately too.

If I don't find anything life-changing, it'll be a very short newsletter. However, if I do discover a lot of mind-blowing content, then I'll try to keep the newsletter brief, but if it's all that good, wouldn't you want to know about it too?

I'm sure the format, name, general concept, and framework of the newsletter will evolve in the coming months, so if you have suggestions, let me know in the comments!

Email me at to receive the newsletter. Just tell me your name and that you'd like to receive the newsletter. Don't worry, I will not spam you, and you can easily unsubscribe. This list is solely for my weekly newsletter. No more, no less.

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