Friday, September 15, 2017

Your Video Game Will Fail

In July I wrote my least popular Metafocus article yet, an explanation of the Unit Economics of making an educational video game. Granted, learning to crunch the numbers of a business opportunity isn't everyone's cup of tea, especially educators. I won't write another article on Unit Economics for the column anytime soon.

Still, I'm quite proud of the piece. I'm certain it's the only piece of its kind anywhere, online or off. Perhaps a few entrepreneurs out there will find it useful.
And it certainly fits in with the rest of my Unit Economics series. In fact, I'll probably rewrite the piece to include it in my upcoming book on Unit Economics. 

While I have no illusion that a book on Unit Economics will fly off the shelves, it's still an incredibly important topic. To my knowledge, there are no books on the subject. As in, none at all. Entrepreneurs (and, to a lesser extent, managers) must know how to calculate Unit Economics if they want to be successful, and yet almost none do. As a long-time consultant, mentor, and teacher of entrepreneurship, it pains me to watch one aspiring entrepreneur after another lose money, pass on great ideas, and/or fail simply because they don't understand how to calculate and analyze the Unit Economics of an opportunity. Boring as Unit Economics may sound, it's that important of a topic.

Perhaps my book could, in time, grow into becoming my first Perennial Seller. Time will tell.

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